Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I just emerged fresh from a 2 year diploma in Portrait Painting.  I paint people and flowers in a colourful, lively and modern way.  Rather than follow a literal interpretation I do my best to turn them into works of art.   You may wish to see the paintings on my website:

I am excited about the path my art is taking and I am following my heart.  At last!  The world of beauty is vast and inspiration can sometimes be around the corner at the florist's or spotting a person with a great face just walking down the street.

This weekend inspiration came in a painting of pink peonies in a vase by Pissarro in the Ashmolean museum in Oxford.

To me the picture symbolises real wealth which is the appreciation of the beautiful.  It is simple, it is direct, it is fresh.  It makes me want to paint!

It also reminds me how much fun I had painting my own version of peonies which I called 'Special.'
For me peonies whisper something of the unique worth paying attention to.

What is your favourite painting of flowers and why?

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